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Heres my review on the latest(and old) Predator and AVP games.Check it out.

Aliens VS Predator 2

Aliens VS Predator 2
Publisher:Fox Interactive
Developer:Sierra Studios
Release Date:September 2001
Official Website:
Alien VS Predator 2 is the sequel to the Alien VS Predator.This time,it takes place in the planet called LV1201,Where three of the most deadliest species in the galaxy battle for survival in this harsh and unforgiving land.Choose from three different races,Aliens,Predators and The Marines and test your killer instincts and firepower and fight for survival.

Aliens VS Predator 2:Primal Hunt

ALiens VS Predator:Primal Hunt
Publisher:Sierra Entertainment
Developer:Third Law Int.
Release Date:August 2002
Prepare yourself for yet another thrilling and exciting new adventure as you plaay as a corporate mercenary Predator or a hybrid PredAlien or The Marines battle for the mysterious artifact that as legend goes,can control the minds of the Aliens themselves!With all new weapons and challenges,this game is sure to keep you at the eedge of your seat as you play through the game.

Aliens VS Predator:Extinction

Aliens VS Predator:Extinction
Publisher:Electronic Arts
Developer:Zono Inc.
Release Date:August 2003
Official Site:
Well,FINALLY they came up with a RPG game based on AVP.For those of you who love RPG based games,this is gonna be a great game for you.Play as either Marines,Predators or the Aliens in 7 unique missions for each of race.Some never before seen Alien,Predator and Marine classes are available and the ability to upgrade your weapons has been added aswell.Test your tactical skills and see wether you have what it takes to win this ultimate battle of the species?

Predator:Concrete Jungle

Predator:Concrete Jungle
Publisher:Fox Interactive,Vivendi Universal
Release date:March 15 2005
This is the kinda Predator game that I have been waiting for.The game is set in two different time periods,1930 and 2030.It tells the story of a Predator named "Scarface",who is disgraced for letting himself been seen by humans(he wasnt wearing a mask).In his desperate attempt to escape Earth,he left behind a few of his weapons and his mask and since he failed,he detonated his ship which he couldnt get to in time,and destroyed the whole city.For failing in a hunt,he was exiled and later sent to a planet inhabited by deadly aliens (not Xenomophs but some other kinda Alien)and stayed there for a century.While he was away,the humans had stolen his weapons he left behind and stole their technology.After a century,the clan Elder returned to pick him up and give him a second chance to prove himself and to regain his lost honor.His target,A mafia boss who is the descendant to the other one he killed in 1930.His mission,to get back the technology stolen and to kill the mafia boss.The game allows you to hunt in the perspect of the Predator,kill with honor or kill at will.Players are also given the chance to explore a vast city in third person view and master new weapons available and upgradable throughout the game.Overall I believe the developers did a great job and not forgetting the rest of the team aswell.

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