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The Yautja
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Site FAQ

Site FAQ

Some of the questions here have not been asked frequently but they are stated here because they are important and I wouldnt wanna cause any misunderstandings between me and the fans.

Q:Why does this site has the same template as The Ultimate Predator does?
A:When I first began building this site,I chose a different template but since that the colours were too bright and there was no other better template,I was forced to use this.
Q:How did you come to know about The Predator?
A:It was through the Aliens VS Predator 2 game.After playing it,I was really interested in The Predator more then the other two races.And after about three years later,I deided to make my own website from my favourite character from the game,The Predator.
Q:Are Alien fans welcomed to visit this site?
Q:Why did you decided on making a Predator rather then an Alien or AVP site?
A:Two reasons.I liked the Predator more then Aliens and Aliens dont really interest me much.
Q:Are all the images and info stated on this site belong to you?
A:No,some of the images and info are taken from other Predator website WITH PERMISSION from the webmasters themselves.Many thanks to BlackDawn and The Ultimate Predator for the extra images needed. 
Q:Are you the owner of this site?
A:Yes,I am the complete owner of this site and I am helped by a few other Predator fans on building this site.

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