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The Yautja
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Many thanks to BlackDawn for allowing me to use the info from her site,The Yautja.Note that some of the translation here is not suitable for kids.
Head cocked to the side: Curiosity or regard
Lower mandibles spread: Aggression
Mandibles flared: Anger
Head and eyes lowered: Submission
Back arched and mandibles flared: Rage
Pushing another's shoulder one handed: Challenge
Shaking another's shoulder one handed: Greeting
Nain-desintje-de: Pure Win
Nan-de Than-gaun: The Kiss of Midnight
Ka'rik'na: The Summoning
Chiva: Test, Trial
Dtai'k-de: Fight
Hiju: Combat stance
Jehdin Jehdin: Hand-to-hand combat
Mesh'in'ga: The Battle-dream time
Awu'asa: Armor
Gkinmara: Video Camera
Gkinmaru: Ship's Sensors
H'sai-de: A scythe-like sword
Ki its-pa: Spear
Ki cti-pa: Wristblades
Tyioe-ti: Escape Pod
Mesh'in'ga: The Battle-dream time
Kainde Amedha Chiva: Hard meat trial
Kehrite: Training ground
Kv'var: Exercises
Nain-de:C'jit: Damn
Ell-osde' pauk: Fuck you
Pauk: Fuck
Pauk-de: Fucker 
Aseigan: Servant
Bpi-de: End
Ch'hkt-a: Hyeractive
C'ntlip: Type of alchohol
Dhi'ki-de: Coma
Dt: Tree
Ell-osde: You
Gkei'moun: Easy
Gry'sui-bpe: Stampede
Guan: Night
H'chak: Mercy
H'duise: Yautja musk
Hulij-bpe: Crazy
Hult'ah: Guard
Jehdin: Single, One
Kainde: Hard
Kantra: Prayer
Ki'dte: Enough
Kwei: Crazy/Tricky
Lou-dte Kalei: Child Maker
L'ulij-bpe: Crazy
Mei'hswei: Brother
Mo: No
M-di H'chak: No Mercy
M-di H'dlak: No Fear
S'pke: Fruit Stew.
Thei-de: Death, die, kill
Thwei: Blood
U'sl-kwe: Final rest
Z'skvy-de: Birth of a xenomorph from the host 

Bakkub: Straight Spear
Cetanu: God of Death
Da'dtou-di: Little Knife, Feminine
Dachande: Different Knife
Yeyinde: Brave One
Guan-thwei: Night Blood
Paya: The Conquering Warrior
Kainde Amedha: Hard meat (referring to Xenomorph)
Ooman: Human
Pyode Amedha: Sofe meat (referring to humans)
Rjet: Type of animal
Tare'hasan: Small insect
Zabin: Type of insect
Dtai'kai-dte sa-de nau'gkon dtain'aun bpi-de: The fight begun would not end until the end.
Payas Leitjin-de Hma'mi-de: Remeber God's Practice.
Thin-de le'hasuan 'aloun'myin-del bpi-de gka-de hasou-de paya: Learn the gifts of all sights or finish in the dance of fallen gods
Growl: Warning, amusement
Hiss: Warning, anger, surprise
Roar: Fury
Bark: Anger, outrage, command
Click: Curiosity, anticipation, eagerness
Click or growl rumbled within the throat: Pleasure
Clattering, trilling sound: Laugh