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The Yautja
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The Yautja

A BIG thank you to TheUltimatePredator for the extra contents needed to finish this page.

Front view of the Yautja

Another front view of the Yautja

Males are roughly around 2-2.5 metres tall and the females are taller,around 3 metres or taller.
Males are around 200-300pounds and females are 300-400 pounds or more.
Blood Type:
Their blood type is unknown but the colour is bright green.
Skin Tone:
Both males and females have pale yellowish skin with black spots around them.
Eye Colour:
Males and females both have either red or yellow eyes.
Extra Info:
  • They are commonly refered to as "Yautja" by their race.
  • The four mandibles from their mouth are usually used for body language.
  • Their blood can neutralise acid in equal amounts.
  • The females are actually bulkier and are much stronger then the males.
  • The Yautjas have very less fat due to their diet,their bulk is pure muscles are very strong and so far there has never been an obesed Yautja.
  • Their lifespan is very long,around 300 years or even more.The highest so far was around 900years.
  • Naturally,they see in infrared vision.They use the help of a Mask/Bio Helmet to see in normal vision.
  • The three main visions used in the Yautjas Helmet are Thermal,Neuro,Tech vision.They are available in standard models of the helmet.
  • The Yautjas follow a strict code for hunting.For example,they are not allowed to kill a prey while they are asleep or kill them while cloaked.The code must be obeyed by ALL of them and failure to do so will result in death.
  • They have trouble seeing prey that is hiding under snow or covered in mud. 
  • The braiding ceremony is carried out during a certain period of their life.its a must for all who intend to join The Hunt.It is extremely painful,and even if the slightest whimper is heard,the process will have to begin all over again.
Unbloods are males who are nearing their childhood.They are sent to undergo a ritual which will make them Young Bloods.They are required to hunt down and kill a Xenomorph(or refered to as "Hard Meat" by their
language.If they manage to kill one,they will mark their foreheads with the Xenomorph's acidic blood.Failure in this ritual would result in death.
Young Bloods are those who have passed the ritual.They can now join a clan and can take part in many hunts.Those who have carried the title for a long period of time belong to the Honoured class.Warriors travel alone and are usually equiped with better armory and technology.They travel from planet to planet is search of honourable prey and they highly respect the rules of The Hunt.Elders are Hunters who have survived countless battle worthy of recognition and have a large collection of trophies.They are also skilled in all ways.Arbitrators Mainly consists of Elders who are bored with the hunt.They are the law enforcers/judges and they deal with the Bad Bloods,hunting them down in any means necessary.No mercy is shown towards them.Bad Bloods are Those who have commited a crime or have killed dishonourable prey.Bad Bloods are never accepted back into the society and are hunted down by the Arbitrators.Those who are purely evil are considered highly dangerous and some of them even go to the extend of killing their own kind.