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The Hunters Lair
Welcome to The Hunters Lair,A site dedicated to the Predator and its fans worldwide.Since you are here,you may visit the forums and post a feedback or suggestions to the site.Site is best viewed at a 800x600 resolution.


Sorry for this...

I wont be able to add the Movies section yet,due lack of time and my exams are coming soon.But I promise to get back on it ASAP!

Site Updates-12/2/2006

Almost done now.95% of the site is done for the time being.Just one more section left!!

Site Updates-10/2/2006

Ok,finally done with all that HTNL coding.All that is left is about two or three more sections and I am done.Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Site Updates-8/2/2006

I have encountered a few "unexpected" errors,for example,the HTML coding was screwed up.Sorry I dont have much experience with HTML coding but I am slowly fixing these minor problems and it will be done ASAP!Please bare with me as I add the final touches to the site.Peace out.

Site Updates-6/2/2006

I have added some info on the Predators appearence and their rankings.Check it out!

Official Opening!-5/2/2006

After all those years of waiting,I finally made up my mind and finally managed to built my very own Predator Fansite.Since the site is new,you may not find any materials or anything interesting yet,but I will try my best to updates the site as often as possible.So,stay tuned and check the site regularly for new updates.Peace out my friend.


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